Transportation and accommodation - Toronto

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This section of the guide will provide you with a general understanding of the main types of transportation and lodgings Toronto offers.

Public transportation

Toronto’s public transportation is known as the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) ( These are bus, streetcar and subway services available for people to get around Toronto. If you are taking the streetcar or bus service and happen to feel lost just ask the driver for assistance to get around. But when you are taking the subway, the driver is not always available for you to ask directions. If you feel you may get lost on the subway I suggest you print out a TTC subway map and use it for reference. The map can be found at During my travels to cities I am not familiar with I believe having a copy of that cities’ subway system map proved very useful in helping me get around without getting lost.

Ways to pay for TTC include cash, buying tokens and purchasing weekly or monthly passes. I do not recommend cash because this is the most expensive approach for taking TTC per ride. If you are a child, student or senior citizen you may be eligible for discounted fare or discounted monthly passes. Unfortunately some tourists have told me they pay a fare for each bus, subway or streetcar they take. But riders should know that TTC offers transfers, for free, as long as the rider is not using a pass. You can ask a TTC driver when you pay your fare for a transfer. A transfer allows a rider one free additional ride to any intersecting street that offers TTC service. In other words if you are travelling east or west on TTC and received the transfer from that streetcar you can use your transfer to an intersecting street that offers TTC service travelling north or south. For more information on TTC go visit its website at

Car rental

There are various companies that offer car rental services in Toronto. When renting a car make sure you read the terms carefully to make sure you are comfortable with the package you are receiving. In my opinion, when renting cars you should not bother paying extra or a premium for a brand name car because it is not like you own it and the money saved can be used in another way to enjoy your trip. This may seem obvious but it happens more often then expected. When returning a car check to make sure all your items are taken with you. Obviously it is not a good feeling to lose a valuable.


If you know someone who is happy to provide you a free place to stay while you visit Toronto that is great but not everybody has that luxury. When paying for a place to stay during your visit to Toronto or many travel locations the two main types of accommodation are usually hotels or hostels. With a hotel guests get their own private room and bathroom. It is common for hotels to provide a free breakfast to customers, for each night paid. For hostels it is common for guests to share a room with other guests and the room is usually filled with bunk beds. Bathrooms are usually shared with other guests too. Just like a hotel, it is common for a hostel to provide free breakfast to guests, for each night paid. The advantages of a hotel over a hostel are you get your own private space and the area is usually cleaner than a hostel. Hotels normally offer better quality breakfast than a hostel. During my travels I have lived in both hotels and hostels. The free breakfast I get in hotels usually include water, coffee, milk, juice, tea, cereal, bread with various choices of spread, ham, bacon, eggs, croissants, oatmeal and etc. The free breakfast I get in hostels usually include water, coffee, tea, milk, cereal and bread with a choice of spread. From comparing the hotel and the hostel breakfast it is clear the hotels’ breakfast provides more. The big advantage a hostel has over a hotel is it is a lot cheaper to stay at a hostel than a hotel. Also, if you want to talk to other travellers and enjoy company from random people, a hostel might be the place for you because hostels are known for having an open and public environment.