Public safety - Toronto

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This area will focus on providing travellers tips for a safe travel in Toronto. Toronto is a safe city and as long as you exercise common sense you should have a safe and enjoyable time. For example, do not put your wallet at your back pocket; avoid showing valuables such as an iPhone, walk in crowded large streets instead of lonely alleyways, watch for cars when crossing the road and etc. By using this type of caution you should easily have a safe and crime free visit in Toronto. In Downtown Toronto, you will notice streetcars as a form of public transportation. Remember when getting off a streetcar to look and be certain that no car or truck is on the road before leaving the streetcar, because there is the rare occasion where a car ignores the “Stop” sign, from the streetcar. Yes, unfortunately accidents have happened before due to passengers not looking before leaving the streetcar. For those who drive make sure you always lock your car and make sure valuables are not visible to the public, yes, there is the odd occasion someone will smash a car's window to pick up loose change, because people passing by can see the loose change.

When enjoying a meal at a restaurant, you have the option of asking for water at a restaurant for free. The water and ice restaurants serve is safe to drink. In this city there are health inspection cards that determine if a restaurant is meeting food safety standards. As a potential customer, if you are very concerned about food safety make sure the health inspection card is green, that means the restaurant passed the health inspection test. The police in Toronto are more than willing to serve and protect all members of the public. Unfortunately, if you have been victimized by a crime or need serious assistance you can call 911 or, if you happen to see one, ask the police officer for assistance.