Major attractions - Toronto

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For this section, I will discuss what I believe to be the major attractions this city offers to those that want to experience Toronto. Each of these major attractions has an entrance fee.

CN Tower


Address: 301 Front Street West, Closest subway station: Union, Major intersections: Front Street West / Spadina Avenue

Built in 1976, the CN Tower carries a height of 553m (1,815ft). This is a very unique display of urban architecture. Inside CN Tower you get an excellent view of the city, which is its most obvious feature for visitors. Not only is there an excellent view of the city but this unique building has other activities for guests too such as restaurants and unique attractions, such as the SkyPod. I feel during your visit to Toronto, while not being on a tight budget, you should make one visit to CN Tower, after that you can judge for yourself. One visit should be made during your visiting to Toronto because it is arguably Toronto’s most unique display. Also not entering the CN Tower in Toronto feels similar to not entering the Statue of Liberty during a visit to New York City.

Hockey Hall of Fame Museum


Address: 30 Yonge Street, Closest subway station: Union, Major intersections: Front Street West / Yonge Street

In Canada, the sport Canadians mainly watch and enjoy is hockey. Hockey Hall of Fame Museum is a museum that recognizes individuals who made a significant contribution to the sport of hockey. This museum provides visitors with a greater understanding of how and why a particular person earned a placement into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sometimes this museum hosts special events such as an autograph signing of Hockey Hall of Fame members. If you are a major hockey fan, heavy sports fan or just want to gain more understanding of what the general Canadian likes give this museum some consideration of one of the places to visit.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)


Address: 100 Queen's Park, Closest subway station: Museum, Major intersections: Avenue Road / Bloor Street West

Recognized for being Canada’s largest museum. The ROM is a museum that touches up and gives a history of the world. This museum discusses key events that shape the world to the way it is today. Something unique about this museum compared to a general museum is the fact that it has an area in the museum that focuses on first people. This section is very educational for a tourist visiting Canada because first people have played a role in Canada’s history. The layout of the museum is organized too; one area is focused on Asian history, another on European history, a specific section on animals and etc. This museum also has a very modern feel to it, which makes the visiting experience better. The problem I had with the ROM is I got lost a couple of times trying to find a certain section I wanted to see, more “You are here” maps would have been helpful. Anybody with an interest in world history would likely enjoy a visit to the ROM.