Ethnic communities - Toronto

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Toronto is known for being a multicultural city. This part of the travel guide will provide you readers an understanding of some of the different ethinic communities Toronto offers.


Closest subway station: St. Patrick

When you visit this Chinatown in downtown, you will notice a lot of Chinese restaurants, bakery and supermarkets. The businesses in Chinatown are known for offering goods and services at a low price, such as smartphone cases and DVD movies on sale at a single digit price tag. Besides Chinese restaurants, Chinatown is known for having Korean and Vietnamese restaurants. When doing business in Chinatown, be prepared to accept the fact that it is common for customer service representatives to struggle communicating the English language; but most businesses usually have at least one individual that can communicate the English language.


Closest subway station: Christie

At Koreatown there are lots of different Korean restaurants for you to enjoy. The value that you get from a meal at these restaurants is not bad. Although it does not originate in Korea, but popular with Koreans; this part of Toronto has some Karaoke spots. If you are into singing without the fear of humiliation or just like to sing in general try a night of Karaoke at Koreatown. There is also a large Korean style supermarket at Koreatown. I find walking into a supermarket of a different ethnicity an interesting and great experience because I like to compare it with the typical North American style supermarkets. From my experience at Koreatown, the people that work at these businesses are usually quiet but at the same time they are still happy to do business with anybody.

Little Italy

Closest subway station: Ossington

In comparison to the other communities I described I feel Little Italy does not live up to its name of being Little Italy. This community does not give you a feeling that you are getting an Italian experience. There are at most a couple of Italian style restaurants, no Italian community centers and it is normal to walk through Little Italy without hearing any Italian spoken. The only time you may get that Italian feeling is when there is a major soccer event happening, such as the Italian team competing in the World Cup, because at that point you will see a lot of Italians visiting sports bars around Little Italy. But if you are into visiting bars, simple cafes and an assortment of restaurants, Little Italy may prove to be what you are looking for.