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This website is mainly designed to let viewers have a more comfortable experience exploring Toronto, Ontario (Canada), by providing travel tips for Toronto. I plan to update this Toronto, Canada, travel guide so the material is as current as possible. GoEnjoyToronto mainly focuses on describing the events and activities in Downtown Toronto, such as where certain attractions are located or what is entertaining about that attraction. This Toronto travel guide also provides readers with more clarity on how to get by in this city, such as public safety tips. With so many activities to experience, it can prove confusing as to how you enjoy your time spent in Toronto. While you enjoy what this city has to offer, I hope GoEnjoyToronto makes that experience less confusing and more entertaining.

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About myself

For most of my life, I, Kenny, lived in Toronto. Travelling is a hobby I find to be very exciting and a worthwhile experience. Not only do I enjoy travelling but I also enjoy talking to people about the subject of travelling. For instance, sometimes I share travel stories about my experience with other people and provide them with advice to make their travel experience simpler. My interest in discussing about travelling motivated me to create this Toronto, Canada, travel guide. Currently, I have travelled over 10 countries. During my travel experience, I resided in Vancouver, British Columbia and London, United Kingdom, each city for at least a year. When I get a holiday from work I look forward to doing more travelling.

Content accuracy

Please be aware that I try to do everything I can to make sure the content is as accurate as possible. I cannot be held accountable or responsible for any experience readers have during their travel in Toronto or anywhere else. If you feel a lack of safety during your travels, anywhere, it is always beneficial to do more research.